Ever since the idea to make well reputed international fashion brands available to our valuable customers in Pakistan and Middle East struck us, Sawere committed itself to make this dream come true. Our vision is bigger than many people could even think of. We aim to serve the community by providing them wide range of well-known authentic products at affordable prices and minimizing health risks that come with using inauthentic and counterfeit products. The growing lack of trust in the local market propelled us to provide such platform to millions of customers who keep authenticity and health at affordable prices as priority.

Sawere performs its operations from within Europe and is partnered with official distribution channels of all major fashion brands like L’Oreal, Wella, Maybelline, Max Factor etc. Knowing the nature of the business we are involved in, we at Sawere are determined to provide excellent after sales service. We do not want to just sell; we want to deliver what is promised. 

Since the e-commerce sector throughout the world  has been growing by leaps and bounds, Pakistani customers have been deprived of this opportunity due to various challenges. Sellers from other major online platforms like Amazon & ebay do not deliver to Pakistan. Even if they will do, customers will end up either paying more or facing other risks and challenges. International cosmetics/fashion brands in the local retail shops push customers to pay hefty charges. Yet, this comes with a doubt whether the products which customers are holding in hand are authentic or not. This is where we come in. We provide smooth transactions for our customers from Pakistan. We have liberated them from all of these challenges which stop them to gain access to international fashion/cosmetics brands at affordable prices and with assurance that product in hand is not replica or counterfeit. 

Our motto is simple, "Stay Affordable and Deliver as Promised"